Activity 2



This is a response to a problem that is clearly identified in several studies: health professionals become outdated and even lose awareness of the need to update; On the other hand, thousands of scientific articles that come every day in magazines make it impossible, even for the most diligent and motivated professional to update them. This makes it mandatory to build an interface that facilitates continuous updating.

Therefore, it is necessary to create a credible team of health professionals (doctors, nurses, psychologists, etc.) and a good academic level to identify and produce synthetic content in maternal and child health, based on the evidence scientific (COCHRAN, etc.).

There will be a professional objective and sentinel panel that will also make a critical evaluation of the work produced, in order to adjust it as best as possible to their real needs.

The answers formulated in the format FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) will be the content of a periodic bulletin, probably monthly, that will be made by email to health professionals.

A periodic e-bulletin delivery platform should be created for health professionals with scientific syntheses (example of this type of “push” training is the existing project in Brazil and at who have scientific relationships). These bulletins, according to the language, may have different target audiences. This work, which is distributed by several members of the team and with the collaboration of specialized magazines, elaborating no more than ten messages per month.

There are already services of scientific journals that promote this type of communication (for example, the BMJ that, in addition to the newsletter, includes a mobile application) and that we can trust. If you can even ask for collaboration to the various scientific journals, in exchange for the publicity inherent in their collaboration.

The construction of an interactive communication platform with health professionals also aims to create a bilingual network among all these professionals from both sides of the border that could lead to thematic interest groups. Associated with the platform you can create discussion groups and groups with their own research projects, without distinction of border languages.

The platform will check interactively what the research and training needs of these professionals are.

In the end, the impact of this objective must be evaluated.

In Portugal they are also interested in taking advantage of these scientific updates to incorporate into the existing clinical software platforms (S-Clinic, eBoletim), thus allowing our professionals to immediately consult the background information while using this clinical software. There is also the interest of adapting the current clinical software to the smartphone format and creating an application for professionals.


  • Action 1: Development of synthetic scientific content. The professionals who have this responsibility in each of the beneficiaries and documentary sources of information that will be used in the preparation of the scientific synthesis must be identified.
  • Action 2: The sending of the bulletin and the placement of the contents in the platforms of the clinics. Existing platforms must be identified that can be used to send news and create where there is no or adapt.
  • Action 3: Adaptation of existing clinical platforms (eg SClinic and eBoletim) for the proper placement of synthetic interactive content.