Activity 4



Multi-regional coordination in technical and financial areas of the project will be the responsibility of the DGS, given that this is the main beneficiary.

Each member must have at least one person responsible for the technical area and another for the financial area. This responsibility in each area will coordinate a team of each partner and whose training is the responsibility of each partner.

The technical and financial coordinators will oversee project activities in their area and will be responsible for meeting deadlines, and achieving the proposed results.

These regional coordinators articulate directly with multi-regional coordinators (the main beneficiary) for the technical and financial monitoring of the project.

The multi-regional technical coordinator will make the meetings that he deems necessary for the correct development of the project, and will ensure the quarterly videoconference headquarters with all the beneficiaries.

In the technical coordination of each region we will be reporting at least annually on the progress of the project, identifying deviations and proposing the necessary corrections, informing the main beneficiary of the situation of the same.

La comunicación entre los distintos beneficiarios se realizará preferentemente por medios electrónicos (correo electrónico, videoconferencia y compartición de documentos en la red), también ya que siempre puede suceder que para esto es necesario, los contactos se producen por teléfono, correo o en persona.

There will be a meeting in person at least once a year.


• Action 1: Quarterly meetings by videoconference
• Action 2: Attendance of the Annual Meeting
• Action 3: annual activity reports