The activities aimed at the dissemination and communication of the results are a way to show the work done in the framework of the RISCAR project. Sharing the fruits, lessons learned and results and conclusions outside the participating organizations will enable a wider community to benefit from work that has received EU funding, as well as promote the organization’s efforts to achieve the objectives of the POCTEP program, which attaches fundamental importance to the relationship between program and policies. Therefore, each of the projects supported by the program is a step towards achieving the general objectives defined by the program to improve and modernize the institutional capacity and efficiency of public administration through cross-border cooperation.

The basic actions to be developed by the UCA to guarantee the dissemination of the results obtained that have been considered are the following:

INDESS-MEDIA: is the university television and radio of the Research Institute, intended, in part, to disseminate the scientific production of UCA researchers among the university community and the general public interested through streaming, podcast, multi-device, communication channels in social networks , among others.
• Design and development of a web page of the project with all the information generated during its development.
• Publication of news in traditional media and social networks.