This project aims to improve the exchange of information between the Public Administration in the area of maternal and child health, health professionals and citizens, through the creation of ICT communication platforms, developed for this purpose. This initiative goes to the meeting advocated in the Lisbon Strategy, which focuses on the construction of a society of information and knowledge, in which science and technology are fundamental pillars of progress and which defends the prioritization of investment in innovation and knowledge .
This investment in ICT for health care is also included in the Community Strategic Guidelines on economic, social and territorial cohesion adopted by the Council of the European Union of 6 October 2006, which states that this is due “… respond to the need to strengthen the effectiveness of health care systems, investing in ICT, as well as in the fields of knowledge and innovation “.
The project is also part of the Europe Strategy 2010-2020, which is based on a more intelligent and inclusive society, discussed at the European Council on 25 and 26 March 2010, where it has also been reinforced that knowledge, Innovation and social inclusion will be the main areas on which this strategy will be based.
It should be noted that the use of the ICT platform to promote communication between professionals, citizens and health institutions on both sides of the border is also a form of cross-border social and geographical inclusion.